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The Lost Jewels

book | Fiction | Apr 2020
ANZ → Allen & Unwin Pty (Ed. Annette Barlow)
US → William Morrow & Co, Inc (Ed. Tessa Woodward)

In 1912, more than 400 pieces of jewellery from the 16th and 17th centuries were found in the cellar of a home in Cheapside, London - but then they vanished again. But one person was determined to find them…

For as long as Kate Kirby can remember, her family has joked that she’s always looking for the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - just like her great-grandmother, the great British Suffragette Essie Kirby. Essie claimed she was present when the famous Cheapside Hoard of jewels was uncovered in the early twentieth century. But for some strange reason, she never revealed the secret of how the jewels were found—or by whom…

While staying in her parents’ Boston brownstone, Kate stumbles upon a sketchbook full of illustrations of jewellery, London street scenes, and a handsome young man. Immediately, she becomes intrigued, especially when she notices the last page is missing. Could these illustrations be of the actual Cheapside Hoard that her great-grandmother always talked about? How did her great-grandmother come to have these illustrations? Who is the mysterious man in the book and what was his connection to Essie?

Determined to learn more, Kate travels to London, where she meets with Marcus Holt, an assistant curator at the Museum of London. Together, they work on deciphering the secrets of the sketchbook and the gems. As they spend many hours side by side, Kate finds herself growing closer to Marcus—and falling for him. But when more secrets from the past surface, all that Kate has ever believed about her family and herself is threatened as she also discovers that the famous jewels, which she yearns to know so much about, hold a dangerous allure beneath all their sparkle.

Based on a fascinating true story, The Cheapside Jewels is a riveting historical fiction novel that will captivate readers from the beginning to the unforgettable, surprising end. 


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‘The Lost Jewels is a riveting historical fiction novel that will captivate readers from the beginning to the unforgettable, surprising end. Kirsty Manning tells an incredible tale of thievery, sacrifice and hope through the generations of one family.
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There is something very appealing about a well-written novel that skilfully weaves the past and present, especially when there is a little known nugget of history woven deftly through its story. The Lost Jewels by Kirsty Manning is just such a book

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