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book | Oct 2018
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We've tried to hide it, shoving carbs aside for cauliflower rice and courgetti, but we're not fooling anyone. Carbs are what we want - what we really, really want. We love them because they make every meal better. And anyway, global medical guidelines now say carbohydrates should make up 50% of our daily food intake, and that skipping them could lead to long-term health issues. What have we been thinking? It's definitely time to embrace carbs in all their guises. Macaroni cheese is (practically) a medical requirement.

Whether you've always been a die-hard carb lover, or you'd like to learn to love them again, this book has the recipes you need. There are rice bowls, pizzas, pastas, tacos, toasties, muffins, loaves, and oh-so-many ways with the glorious potato, king of the carbs (including all the chip hacks you can shake your salt at). It's time to put carbs back on the table.


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Nigella Lawson

My favourite cookbook 

Rukmini Iyer

Carbs is a joyful journey into the love that can be found betwixt the ribbons of tagliatelle
or in a bowl of roast potatoes. It’s funny and intelligent and anti (in a good way) the trend of food
writing that waxes lyrical about seasonal, corn-fed shiso leaves that no one can actually buy… It’s a
great book

Meera Sodha

I just love this book so much

Ella Risbridger

I raced through Carbs like it was a novel – it is so warm and caring and funny

Ruby Tandoh

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