Lucy is a political journalist, writer and disability advocate. She covers British politics and social policy, as well as the intersection between disability, feminism and politics. Particular topics of expertise include social care, access issues, and ableism. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Tortoise and BuzzFeed, among others. She also writes a weekly newsletter, The View From Down Here, which looks at her personal experiences as a wheelchair user.

Before going freelance, Lucy was a political journalist for the BBC, where she covered crucial national events like the Brexit negotiations, the 2019 general election, and, of course, the Covid crisis. In what feels like a previous life, she won the Guardian’s Student Columnist of the Year award while studying for a degree in politics at Warwick University. 

When not writing, Lucy is usually to be found reading obscure nonfiction, at the pub with friends, or tweeting. She lives in London with her care team.