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Mira and Tahliil

book | Fiction | 2021

Mira and Tahliil is the story of two star-crossed lovers – both immigrants – who meet and fall in love in modern-day Leicester.

Following her arranged marriage to a British-Indian man, Rajiv, Mira arrives from India to begin a new life with a family she barely knows. She soon discovers that life in the UK isn’t quite what she anticipated; Rajiv is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, and her mother-in-law – who Mira quickly bonds with – suffers abuse at the hands of her husband. Uneducated, Mira quickly assumes the role of housewife, growing increasingly conscious of just how ‘un-British’ she is compared to Rajiv and his friends. In her quest for independence, she learns to speak English and takes up a job in an Indian sweet shop, Roopa Sweet Mart.

Beside Roopa Sweet Mart is a cash and carry where Tahliil works as a cleaner. Tahliil arrived illegally into England six months ago, with his sister Sumaya, both fleeing Somalia in order to be with their mother, who already lived in Leicester. Their journey into Europe was treacherous and involved a tragedy that still haunts them. Tahliil and Mira confide in each other and in the process fall in love. The fact of their both being immigrants enables them to bond unexpectedly, as they attempt to decipher the city and the lives they have found themselves in. But with Mira’s marriage crumbling and Tahliil’s residency in the UK by no means certain, everything is stacked against them.

Following in the footsteps of writers including Monica Ali, Aravind Adiga and Jhumpa Lahiri, Mira and Tahliil is set in Brexit Britain in a city that is home to a majority of immigrants. It tells the story of young people who dare to fall in love, who dream of becoming the masters of their own destinies, and the price they ultimately pay for doing so.


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