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Holy Flying Circus

Role Thoroughgood
Director Owen Harris
Production Company Hillbilly TV
Broadcaster BBC 4
In 1979, the Monty Python film Life of Brian was the subject of worldwide outrage for its portrayal of a young man taken to be the Messiah, whose life bore striking resemblance to that of Jesus.

As a result, John Cleese and Michael Palin were invited onto a television debate in front of a live studio audience to face prominent religious figures Malcolm Muggeridge and the Bishop of Southwark over the controversy.

Written by Tony Roche, Holy Flying Circus is a fantastical re-imaging of the lead up to the debate, pitted with moments of Pythonesque humour.

Mark plays Andrew Thorogood, a fictional member of Mary Whitehouse’s Festival of Light organisation. An earnest Chrstian with an inflated sense of self-importance, Thorogood dislikes conflict, preferring instead to challenge the Pythons with pedantry.
Holy Flying Circus

Constantly inventive, often very funny. Chris Harvey
The Telegraph

This glorious example of original drama with the brakes off Jack Seale
Radio Times