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The Build Up Season

book | Fiction | Jul 2017
ANZ → Penguin (Ed. Lisa Riley)

Shortlisted for the 2019 REAL Awards

Shortlisted for the 2019 YABBA Award for Fiction for Years 7-9

Seventeen-year-old Iliad Piper – Ily for short – is named after war and angry at the world.

Growing up with a violent father and abused mother, she doesn’t know how to do relationships, family or friends. Her love-hate friendship with Max turns into a prank war and she nearly destroys her first true friendship with misfit Mia. She takes off her armour for nobody, until she meets Jared, a local actor and someone who's as complicated as she is.

From the author of Yellow comes a powerful exploration of family and identity set against the humid build-up to the wet season in Darwin.


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