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book | Fiction | Mar 2018

Sal and Peppa need to run and survive. Run from their chaotic lives in the flat, their alcoholic mother and her abusive boyfriend; survive in the forest with the skills Sal’s learned on You Tube. Sal needs to keep Peppa safe. So she plans and carries out the perfect killing and the perfect escape to a perfect wilderness. Police and Social Services are hunting them while they are hunting rabbits and catching pikes. Then they find one person in the world who can show them the skills, not just to survive – but to thrive.


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This debut by Mick Kitson, formerly one half of Eighties pop band The Senators, has been the source of much publishing industry excitement — and with good cause.
Daily Mail

Sal is an inspiring novel that feels honest and fastidious.

Financial Times

Sal is an ambitious and skilled novel. Literature needs more stories like this.

The Guardian

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