Onyx Johnson

Mika Onyx Johnson is an actor, writer and performance artist from Nottingham now based in London. Recent credits include; as an actor Cyrano de Bergerac (West End) and as a writer My White Best Friend (The Bunker). Pink Lemonade is Mika’s debut show. It previewed at the Gate Theatre and premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 where it was included in The Stage 18 best shows of the Fringe and is now transferring to the Bush Theatre. Pink Lemonade is currently being developed for TV with Balloon Entertainment and the BBC.

Mika wants to create work that diverts from the norm and centres the many parts of their identity. They are interested in exploring speculative fiction and are a huge fan of the horror genre, Mika is keen to develop reimaginings and retellings.




Creator Rachel De-Lahay & Milli Bhatia (Co-curators)

Festival made up of a collection of letters written in response to this question, engaging with often unspoken racial tensions.

The Bunker

Writer & Performer 

Producer Co-produced at Edinburgh Fringe with The Queer House and HighTide.

Developed with Talawa Theatre Company, Derby Theatre and Tamasha. Chosen as one of The Stage 18 best shows of Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh Fringe Festival



TV series based on the original stage piece.

Balloon Entertainment for BBC
In development