Non-fiction writer

October Jones is the pseudonym of English animator Joe Butcher who was born and raised in Birmingham. Ironically, he spent most of his childhood afraid of dogs. Joe developed a keen interest in visual storytelling at school, particularly the cartoons of Chuck Jones. Upon leaving school, he attended the University of Wolverhampton and came away with a first class degree in Animation. After graduating, Joe landed a job at a small media company in Derby, where to this day he designs learning software for kids. The company has won several BETT Awards for its educational CD-ROMs and web games. Joe remains a keen animator and his YouTube videos have accumulated almost one million views. He has recently worked on animation projects for the BBC, as well as doing music videos for UK comedy band The Amateur Transplants.

The Dog
Born on a farm in Wales, his dreams of being a sheep dog were dashed when Joe Butcher whisked him away to the city at 13 weeks old. He quickly established a routine, and works hard to maintain a healthy 22 hours of sleep per day. During his waking hours he enjoys painting, texting and crime fighting. His alter ego "BatDog" has so far stopped zero crimes. He has however managed to smash three TVs and a patio door.