Paul Wilmshurst

Award-winning drama director
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Award-winning drama director with a background in documentary, Paul has a committed, intelligent and passionate approach to his work, which includes the last three seasons on the ground-breaking action-adventure series Strike Back for Left Bank Pictures and Sky/HBO/Cinemax, working in Cape Town and Budapest. He also directed two episodes of the David S. Goyer-scripted historical fantasy Da Vinci’s Demons for StarZ and BBC America.

Drawn to formal challenges, ambitious projects and difficult subjects, Paul wrote and directed the critically-acclaimed drama Forgiven for Channel 4, listed byThe Times as one of the best 50 programmes of the decade. He also wrote, produced and directed the feature-length BBC drama-documentary Hiroshima, which won a BAFTA and an International Emmy.

Paul directed on series eight of Doctor Who and directed the 2014 Christmas special which got 6.3m viewers when it went out on Christmas Day. He has since directed the final block of A.D. The Bible Continues for Lightworkers Media and NBC, the final ever block of Indian Summers for New Pictures and Channel 4, and most recently both series of Sky's Jamestown.




ProducerSue de Beauvoir

Drama series

Carnival for Sky 1
8 x 60'
CreatorBill Gallagher
ProducerSue de Beauvoir

Drama series

Carnival Film and Television for Sky 1
ProducerDan Winch


New Pictures for Channel 4
ProducerGina Cronk and Jonathan Curling
  • Richard Coyle
  • Chipo Chung
  • Adam Levy
  • Vincent Regan
  • Joanne Whalley


    Lightworkers Media for NBC
    ProducerPaul Frift
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Natalie Gumede
  • Michael Troughton

    Christmas special

    BBC Drama for BBC1
    ProducerPeter Bennett
  • Samuel Anderson
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Jenna Coleman
  • Ellis George

    Long-running series 

    BBC Drama for BBC1
    ProducerChris Thompson, Michael Casey
    WriterJohn Simpson

    Series four of the action series

    Leftbank Pictures for Sky / Cinemax / HBO
    ProducerLee Morris, Julie Gardner
    WriterDavid S Goyer, Joe Ahearne, Brian Nelson

    Drama series

    Tonto Films for BBC America / Starz
    ProducerChris Clough, Michael Casey
    WriterJames Dormer

    Third season of the action-packed drama

    Left Bank Pictures for Sky / Cinemax / HBO
    ProducerSue de Beauvoir, Michael Casey
    WriterSimon Burke

    Second season of the action series

    Left Bank Pictures for Sky / Cinemax / HBO
    ProducerRichard Stokes
    Long-running police procedural and legal drama series.
    Kudos for ITV
    ProducerRuth Kenley Letts
    WriterMichael Crompton

    Long-running series

    BBC for BBC1
    ProducerJolyon Symonds
    LaPlante for ITV

    Writer & Director

    RTS Award for Best Editing Drama
    ProducerJudy Counihan and Jules Hussey
    Award-winning factual drama exploring the fall out when a housewife discovers her husband has been abusing their eldest daughter.
    Betty for Channel 4

    Director & Producer

    WriterRobin Mukherjee
    Lime Pictures for CBBC

    Writer & Director & Producer

    Dramadoc exploring the psychology of high-functioning alcoholics in the workplace
    Betty for Channel 4
    International Emmy Award for Best Documentary and BAFTA Award for Best Visual Effects
    Award-winning drama documentary exploring the after effects of the atomic bomb.
    BBC for BBC
    Darlow Smithson for Channel 4
    CBBC for CBBC






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