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Strike Back 2, episodes 7 & 8

Producer Sue de Beauvoir, Michael Casey Writer Simon Burke
Production Company Left Bank Pictures
Broadcaster HBO, Cinemax, SKY

Adrenaline fuelled action series originally based on the international best selling book by ex-SAS veteran Chris Ryan. Strike Back: Project Dawn is a breathlessly tense, smart and sexy adventure. Across five stories, Scott and Stonebridge plunge into a terrifying siege in a Delhi hotel; mount an undercover operation to derail a weapon heist in Cape Town by a ruthless former IRA operator; take up arms against a ferocious Sudanese militia to rescue a British aid worker; track a treasonous spy in a savage Balkan gangster state; and finally, race to stop a huge-scale double suicide bomber attack in Budapest, orchestrated by the ingenious, merciless Latif. As Section 20 finally confront their nemesis, prey becomes predator in a staggering series climax...

Episodes 7 & 8 are set in Kosovo, as Section 20 negotiates the release of five European Union officials taken hostage by Kosovan weapons, drugs and human trafficker Hasani (Mel Raido). One of the hostages is undercover MI-6 terror expert John Allen (Adrian Rawlins), identified as Latif’s (Jimi Mistry) inside man. When the exchange doesn’t go as planned, Stonebridge and Scott are stranded with the hostages and surrounded by Hasani’s forces.

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