Peggy Hart


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Peggy is the best dog that ever lived. A shih tzu - bichon frise cross and Miranda Hart’s canine best friend, she is well known for her cute little smiley face, puppy dog eyes, extremely soft strokeable fur, and jaunty little gait. Besides her writing work, her biggest achievements include stealing a squishy ball off a toddler, nicking a Scotch egg from a family's picnic, and doing a poo in front of the paparazzi so that Miranda was photographed poop-a-scooping like a fool.


  • Humans keep talking "fidget spinners" but have they seen THESE? Every time it squeaks I just LOVE IT. I dig my teet…

    I am a classy lady with showbiz composure, and yet I cannot help but have a little spin when I smell frankfurters:

    With the look of love in our eyes, you'd never know @mermhart once knocked me off the bed when her leg kicked after…