Penny Parkes


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Penny Parkes survived a Convent education largely thanks to a ready supply of inappropriate novels and her passion for writing and languages.

She studied International Management in Bath and Germany, before gaining experience with the BBC. She then set up an independent film location agency and spent many happy years organising shoots for film, television and advertising - thereby ensuring that she was never short of travel opportunities, freelance writing projects or entertaining anecdotes. 

Penny now lives in the Cotswolds with her husband, two children and an excitable puppy with a fondness for Post-its.


  • When you know you should have stopped for lunch, but everything in the fridge actually needs cooking & you really can't be arsed... That.

    Coming tomorrow - Kindles at the ready folks... Can't wait for a lovely new series from @CathyBramley…

    @JillMansell @Isabelle_Broom Just loving the postmark... How on earth will you get any work done today now? @penguinrandom