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Saturdays at Noon

book | Fiction | Feb 2020
World English → Michael Joseph (Ed. Maxine Hitchcock)

A stay-at-home dad to the unmanageable-yet-amazing-6-year-old, Alfie, Jake’s marriage to Jenna is on the rocks. Somewhere along the line, they stopped talking to one another and in a desperate attempt to get things back on track, he agrees to work through his frustrations by attending an anger management group.

Sparks, and not the good kind, fly when Jake meets Emily at the course. Spiky, vulnerable and sharply funny, Emily is attending under court order - involuntarily.

When Emily meets Alfie and instantly wins over the previously recalcitrant little boy by finding a way to communicate with him, she and Jake are forced to put aside their intense dislike for one another for the sake of Alfie…

But are they helping Alfie? Or is Alfie the one who is helping them?


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