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Saturdays at Noon

book | Fiction | Feb 2020
World English → Michael Joseph (Ed. Clio Cornish)

When Jake and Emily meet, sparks fly. And not the good kind...

Emily just wants to keep the world away.

After losing her temper yet again, she’s agreed to attend anger management classes. But she refuses to share her deepest secrets with a room full of strangers.

Jake just wants to keep his family together.

He’ll do anything to save his marriage and bond with his six-year-old son, Alfie. But when he’s paired with spikey Emily, he wonders whether opening up will do more harm than good.

The two of them couldn’t be more different. Yet when Alfie, who never likes strangers, meets Emily, something extraordinary happens

Could understanding one small boy be the key to everyone’s happiness?


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Rizzoli Editore
Eksmo Publishers

A sweet tale about second chances.

Daisy Jackson

A gorgeous book that inspires empathy for its characters - and people you might know. I just wanted to give them all a big hug. Perfectly-paced, romantic and thought-provoking. I loved it.

Zoe West
Woman & Home

Saturdays at Noon is one of those rare books that make you see the world in a different way...The story ticks along beautifully and the characters hum with authenticity, drawing you into their lives...This is a satisfying, big-hearted book and a truly accomplished debut for Rachel Marks.

WI Life

A wonderful book. Deftly plotted and compelling, Saturdays at Noon is a compassionate novel which doesn’t shirk difficult issues.

Graeme Simsion, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Rosie Project series

This truly incredible book...is like a snapshot into my life and it's so reassuring to read. 

Natasha Harding

A heartbreaking, funny and
emotive read...

Natasha Harding
The Sun

Heartbreaking and hopeful, this book is a keeper.

Woman's Weekly

Overall, an incredibly enjoyable book that I'm glad I took a chance on. I didn't want to put it down and I loved the ending.

5 Star Netgalley Review

Wonderful story that is beautifully written about how life does't quite work out as planned however can still be a happier path for everyone.

5 Star from Early Reviewer

This is a clever and engaging read that shows how people, and children, can be misunderstood. Heartbreaking and hopeful.


This is an amazing book which sympathetically and sensitively deals with behavioural problems

5 Star from Early Reviewer

An absolutely wonderful read, a novel full of very important messages and issues, the most important about acceptance, family, and self esteem. It’s very well written with relatable strong characters, more than just a romance, this is a wonderful story and highly recommended

5 Star Netgalley Review

I can’t praise this book highly enough....I look forward to other books by the author

5 Star Review

 A great debut and I look forward to seeing what Rachel Marks delves into next.

5 Star Netgalley Review

I loved this book. As in LOVED it.

5 Star Review from Member of the Public

I loved this … truly thought-provoking

Katie Fforde

With a meet-cute that takes place in an anger management group, Saturdays At Noon is a romance novel with a spiky edge likes its heroine, Emily, while hero Jake seems like a man who has it all but he’s in danger of messing up the most important relationship in his life.

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