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A Multitude of Sins

book | 4 | 2002
US → Knopf
UK → Bloomsbury Publishing
One of the most celebrated and unflinching chroniclers of modern life now explores, in this masterful collection of short stories, the grand theme of intimacy, love, and their failures.

With remarkable insight and candor, Richard Ford examines liaisons in and out and to the sides of marriage. An illicit visit to the Grand Canyon reveals a vastness even more profound. A couple weekending in Maine try to recapture the ardor that has disappeared from their life together. And on a spring evening, a young wife tells her husband of her affair with the host of the dinner party they’re about to join.

The rigorous intensity Ford brings to these vivid, unforgettable dramas marks this as his most powerfully arresting book to date.


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A Multitude of Sins

One of the country’s best writers... No one looks harder at contemporary American life, sees more, or expresses it with such hushed, deliberate care
San Francisco Chronicle

Wrenching, intense, overflowing with compassion, A Multitude Of Sins leads us into the restless ambiguities of the heart

Encompass[es] the comedy and pathos and wit of our dislocated times. Reminds us how powerful short stories can be
Los Angeles Times

Scorching... These stories are wry, stark, and heartbreaking–and, with the quiet moral urgency at their core, make up Ford's most stinging collection to date

Robust... This is vigorous writing, unfolding with the leisurely confidence that is the practiced craftsman's best illusion
The Boston Globe

Very powerful... Ford has a fine sense of place, be it southern, western, or foreign
The New York Review of Books

Elegant, pristine, precise... these stories are indisputable proof that Ford is a contemporary master of the short story

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