Donaldson and

Writers and Bloggers

Emma Hopkinson and Robyn Donaldson are writers, bloggers and total opposites in every way. Their blog All Up In My Space uses the home as a starting point for conversations about relationships and mental health, and won both Best Newcomer at the Cosmo Awards and Best Written Blog at the Amara IBAs. Best friends for longer than anybody cares to admit, they supported each other through grief and loss young, and came to start the #othersday movement online, which aims to offer support to people over Mother’s and Father’s Day, who feel unable to celebrate with the rest of the country. Minimalist Emma and Maximalist Robyn relish their oppositeness, and when they’re not showing the world how to create personal homes from two wildly different standpoints, you might find them hosting events, reviewing products or interviewing people with a point of view.