Rory McGrath

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Killer Queens

Producer Ed Crick Director Ed Crick Starring
    Production Company Imago Productions
    Broadcaster ITV 1

    Rory examined the lives of five very different female leaders in British History, taking viewers on a fast-paced tour of the south east of England, including Corfe Castle, The Tower of London and Castle Rising in Norfolk. The striking historical settings combined with dramatic reconstructions provided an engaging and in-depth insight into the lives and times of these Killer Queens.

    The series began with an exploration into the bloody rebellion of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni against Rome and went on to look at Empress Matilda, a woman who nearly became the first Queen of England; Isabella 'She Wolf of France', who had her husband King Edward II murdered to advance her own ambitions; Mary Tudor and her religious purges that earned her the nickname 'Bloody Mary'; and lastly Lady Mary Bankes – who whilst not a Queen was a 'celebrity' of the English Civil war defending Corfe Castle, in Dorset, against three different sieges by the forces of Parliament.
    Killer Queens
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