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book | Fiction | Sep 2016
UK → Floris Books

'Even monsters have to be frightened of something. That something is me.'

It begins when a girl in a yellow raincoat knocks on a window in the dead of night.

Amelia Pigeon has a message for eleven-year-old Kirby Simpson: 

Old magic has awakened. Dark Things are descending on the world. Kirby's seaside town, The Crags, is being poisoned by shadow. 

And Kirby, she claims, is just the person to help set things right.

Soon Kirby finds himself launched into a darkly dangerous adventure, away from everyday life, where mum is gravely ill and his relationship with dad is distant and strained. Together, Amelia and Kirby set off through enchanted woods, haunted carnivals, and lonely islands where ancient standing stones hold the key to great power, encountering Dark Things every step of the way.

As the journey deepens, Kirby discovers that his mother's illness may be linked to the town's troubles. If he is to save her, he must unlock answers.

Who is Amelia? What secrets are hiding in her past? And who is behind the dark magic that threatens to swallow his town alive? As events unravel, Kirby realises he's stumbled into a much larger struggle than he imagined, and it will take every ounce of bravery he has to survive.


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