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The Elsewhere Emporium

book | Fiction | Sep 2019
World English → Floris Books (Ed. Sally Polson)

The shop from nowhere has vanished without a trace. Will it ever reappear?

As they search for the lost Emporium, Daniel and Ellie encounter magical bookshops, deserted islands in the dead of night, and an array of magicians (both dead and alive). Meanwhile a dangerous force is attacking the Emporium from the inside, waiting for a chance to break free.

In this highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning The Nowhere Emporium, readers will once again be transported into a magical realm where imagination is power and anything is possible. Loyal fans will be astonished by the new wonders beyond the Emporium’s doors as the gripping mystery unfolds.


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Domingo Yayinlari

While this is a sequel, this captivating adventure establishes itself as its own, with enough summary to keep the reader present. [...] The Nowhere Emporium is an exciting fantasy that operates with a daredevil sense of urgency.

Foreword Reviews (US)

Magical, gripping and imaginative, The Elsewhere Emporium is a delight. This sequel to Ross MacKenzie’s award-winning The Nowhere Emporium is crafted with top-notch storytelling that weaves mystery and wonder into its dual plot structure. [...] Immersive and enchanting, I highly recommended this series exploring a magical world where imagination makes anything seem possible.

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Ross Mackenzie’s writing is so immersive and it really brings the magic of the awe-inspiring wonders Daniel creates and the magical world as a whole to life. [...} I found this even more enchanting than its predecessor and believe it’s a sequel that’s sure to both delight fans of the first book and attract new fans who’ve never heard of it too. 5/5

Golden Books Girl

This cracking sequel to the Blue Peter Book Award-winning The Nowhere Emporium is chock full of magic and invention. The concept of a magical shop as an entrance to a much larger magical world is fantastically executed, and fans of Narnia, Coraline and The Faraway Tree, as well as Philip Pullman and Scarlett Thomas, will love it. Detailed and original, yet never sacrificing the human story for fantasy, this is a fabulous book that will enchant and inspire.


Beware! Once you read the first page, you too will step inside the Emporium and you won’t come out until the last page has been finished!
Regardless of whether the reader has read Ross MacKenzie’s debut, this fantastic sequel will still ensure you imagine mysterious worlds behind ordinary looking doors. The Elsewhere Emporium enthralls the reader and I was so glad Ross Mackenzie gave us the chance to return to Daniel and Ellie’s world once again.

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