Bungey &

Journalist and editor Sam Bungey began his career in Dublin as co-founder of the national monthly magazine  Mongrel. From there, he contributed to a wide range of publications including The Guardian and The Dublin Review. His first foray into audio was in 2011 when he was featured as a contributor on the beloved radio show This American Life. In 2014, Bungey was commended with a Human Rights Award for his work as deputy editor for the public journalism site The Global Mail.

Jennifer Forde is a documentary producer known for her uncanny ability to get people to reveal themselves. She has worked with the BBC and a multitude of UK-based independent production companies. Her impressive litany of credits includes directing and producing an episode of The Secret Life of the National Grid (winner of the Royal Television Society Award for History), an episode of the Grierson-short-listed  Catholics, and an installment of The New York Times Retro Report series. West Cork is her first journey into an audio-exclusive format.