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The Watermark

book | Fiction | Apr 2024
UK & Comm → Granta (Ed. Anne Meadows)

The Watermark is an epic, philosophical love story about free will versus fate, reality versus illusion. 

Rachel and Jaime are two young lovers who find themselves trapped in a book by the author Augustus Fate, who hopes to cure his writer's block by using them as characters, playing with their lives like a malicious deity. On the run and keen to get back to 'real life', they surf across books, their narratives ranging from a Victorian tale set in Oxford 1861 to Manchester in 2014 to an alternative Russia in the 1920s involving magic realism and fables to a story in the future involving the ethics of AI and romance with a robot. As the narratives evolve, they grow older, their love story ranging from adolescent angst to marriage, midlife crisis, passionate affairs and eventually old age and death. 

The Watermark is a quirky, playful, eccentric epic which explores how much control we have over our lives, how love is influenced by politics and the grand narratives dictated by governments, and whether love can last a lifetime. It will appeal to fans of films such as Inception and The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and readers of The Raw Shark Texts and Cloud Atlas.


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Katie McGowan manages the translation rights for The Watermark

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