Samuel Jefferson

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Winner: Best Writing, Newcastle University New Writing Festival
Director Dani Cancelliere & Matt Doyle Starring
  • Edward Lowcock
  • Hannah Costanzo
  • George Alldridge
  • Ben Schwarz
  • Katy Covell
    Edinburgh Fringe Festival

    Cannes is set during the illustrious Cannes Film Festival, where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood descends on the French Riviera. However, crisis strikes when a Palme d’Or-winning writer returns to the festival and punches an old friend on the red carpet. Held under guard in a hotel room, he is forced to confront his past relationships armed with only his dry wit and an even drier whiskey.


    Samuel Jefferson’s script fizzes with the repartee of a superior


    The Scotsman

    The pure wit and clever construction of the writing...Cannes is a rare treat

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