Simon O'Brien

Presenters Jacquie Drewe, +44 (0)20 7393 4460 Email Jacquie Drewe

Up Your Street

Producer Melissa Feather Director Francois Gandolfi, Tom McTaggart & Claire Walls Starring
    Production Company Maverick Television
    Broadcaster Channel 4

    From semis on the Wirral to Victorian houses in Leamington Spa, each week Simon visited two similar properties on the same street to compare and contrast the interiors of each home and their market values.

    Each set of homeowners were given the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and snoop around their neighbours’ home. While gaining an insight into how their neighbours had decorated their property and used the same space, participants also discovered whose house was worth the most on the current market.
    Up Your Street
    Jacquie Drewe
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