Spencer Kelly

Presenters Jacquie Drewe, +44 (0)20 7393 4460 Email Jacquie Drewe

The Gadget Show, multiple episodes

Producer Christine Butler Director David Leighton Starring
  • Jason Bradbury
  • Jon Bently
  • Suzi Perry
    Production Company North One Television Ltd
    Broadcaster Channel Five
    The Gadget Show previewed and reviewed the latest gadgets, gizmos and games each week on Channel Five. Spencer joined the Gadget team to give mass consumers a greater insight into technological advances while also catering for the show’s geekier, or rather more knowledgeable, fans. Using simple props and layman's terms Spencer explained how things like GPS (using clocks and a lot of white paint) and credit card security (using flying boxes and a man in a stripey jumper) worked.

    News on new gadgets on the market was accompanied by features on how viewers could get the most from technology and previews of upcoming technology conferences or expos.
    The Gadget Show, multiple episodes
    Jacquie Drewe
    +44 (0)20 7393 4460
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