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Theme Music

US & Canada Dutton (Penguin Group USA) (Ed. Stephanie Kelly)
Jun 2019

Years after the murder-suicide of her family, Dixie Wheeler moves into the stigmatized property of her childhood home to confront a mystery that has been tormenting her for more than two decades: Why did her father do it?

Infamously remembered as “Baby Blue” after the song that was left playing in the aftermath of the slaughter, Dixie must determine for herself if what she knows about that day is true, and if the evil force menacing her is that of her father, or a demon of her own making.

Once in the home, Dixie recreates a macabre décor based on salvaged furniture and faded snapshots of holidays past. As the ghosts of her family crawl from the corners to question her sanity, Dixie gathers the remains of a horrible secret: the story she was told was based on a lie, and the sins of her father may belong to another, perhaps most tragically, herself.

Before too many more new bodies pile up around her, Dixie must find a way to lure the past forward, expose the lunacy behind the massacre of her family, and repair what remains of her psyche.


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