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Meet Jack, Calum, and Robbie Hudson, three brothers born and raised in an English pie-eating county called Yorkshire. Growing up, they loved nothing more than exploring the wild outdoors, whether it was kayaking with seals and porpoises in Scottish lochs or body surfing waves on the Cornish coast. Their lives changed when they moved up to Cumbria and found the idyllic Lake District within reach. Slowly they learned the simple joy of whiling away their summers jumping off stacks and wild swimming with friends.

Eventually, as they grew older and the family home was sold the brothers started to notice that folk, including themselves, were growing increasingly more and more detached from the natural world. Working in cities, London, Berlin and Newcastle, they began to feel the weight of life in the urban grind - the common monotony of a nine-to-five, during which the only wildlife we see is the occasional drab pigeon or seagull. At the same time they noticed a sad cycle of anxiety, fatigue and desperation. It seemed like everything they'd done as kids was fading behind the tinted glass of nostalgia. So, they decided to get together and change their course.

Suddenly the Wild Swimming Brothers was born. To date their wild swimming adventures have taken them to 6 continents, on 90 mile river journeys, the longest swim in the Arctic Circle and last August they become the first people ever to swim across the 2 biggest maelstroms in the world in Norway, sharing the water with Killer Whales and the biggest Jellyfish on the planet. Now it's your turn to join them on their next journey and live a more creative life in touch with the natural world, come on in and join the family adventure!

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The Wild Swimming Brothers spoke at the 2017 Outdoor Adventure & Camping show. They were always professional and easy to work with, before, during and after the show. Their talk on their mad challenges and adventures was engaging and inspirational, it is also easily, one of the most positively commented on talks by our visitors and staff. Many of our visitors came with the specific intention of hearing the brothers talk, and they were not disappointed. The Wild Swimming Brothers are a pleasure to work with and listen to, we hope to see themagain in the future.

2017 Outdoor Adventure & Camping Show, ExCel London
on Outdoor Adventure & Camping Show

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