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A Loyal Traitor

book | Fiction | Feb 2022
UK & Comm → Oneworld (Ed. Jenny Parrott)
US → Open Road Integrated Media (Ed. Mara Anastas)

Duty or honour. Which would you betray?

It's 1966. London is swinging, and the Cold War is spiralling.

Clear cut lines have faded to grey areas. Whispers of conspiracies are everywhere. Spies on both sides of the iron curtain are running in circles, chasing constant plots and counterplots. And MI5 agent Richard Knox is tired of all of it.

But when Abey Bennett, his CIA comrade in arms, appears in London with a ghost from Knox's past and a terrifying warning that could change the balance of power in the Cold War for good, he has to fight to save the future.

He must also face an agonising choice: who will he believe, and who will he betray – his duty to his country or his loyalty to his friends?


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A Loyal Traitor is a thoroughly gripping spy thriller. Tim Glister puts the reader at the heart of the Cold War and captures the high stakes paranoia of the era brilliantly.

Adam Hamdy, author of Black 13

Stunningly authentic, masterfully plotted and brilliantly composed, this is historical thriller writing at its very best.

Matthew Richardson, author of The Insider

A Loyal Traitor is an accomplished and atmospheric spy novel with an original protagonist and a burning question at its heart. Considered and entertaining, I was drawn in from page one.

Charlotte Philby, author of Part of the Family

It is incredibly satisfying reading a follow-up that not only matches but surpasses the original... This is superior stuff. A lean, intelligent espionage thriller skilfully rendering not just the messy truth of Cold War operations, but the intimate emotional toll of such work.... I love how the action globetrots between numerous compellingly drawn locations - Haiti, Moscow, Geneva, the Kent countryside, a Soviet sub prowling British waters - yet, it feels very much a London novel. Soho and Smithfield, Highgate and Haringay. Up the Strand and down Green Lanes. The city is pressed into the book like a fingerprint.

Dominic Nolan, author of the Abigail Boone series

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