Toby Haynes

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The Musketeers

Producer Colin Wratten Writer Adrian Hodges Starring
  • Peter Capaldi
  • Luke Pasqualino
  • Howard Charles
  • Santiago Cabrera
    Production Company BBC America

    Praise for The Musketeers

    ‘We're not bothering with Call the Midwife today – too dreary. Don't call her. Or Mr Selfridge – who cares? I'm seeking adventure, romance, the buckling of swash. Found it! In The Musketeers.’   The Guardian

     ***** 'Director Toby Haynes conveyed his passion for boys’ own adventure tales.' The Daily Mail

     **** ‘It has a ballsy confidence…the fights were good, the women comely and the production values high.’ The Times

     ‘an exhilarating TV treat’ The Metro

     ‘revamp of the Alexandra Dumas classic is a palpable hit… A slick, whirlwind adventure.’ Digital Spy

    ‘The Musketeers, BBC1’s latest swashbuckler has action aplenty.' The Independent


    The Musketeers
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