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Good Selfie

book | Non-Fiction | 2019

A guide filled with answers to all the questions teens ask the most, plus stacks of tips and tools to help kids growing up: build self-confidence and self-belief; get through hard times; re-frame the way you see your life and your challenges; set and get big goals, and create a kick-ass support crew. 

It’s basically a teen’s guide to a resilient mindset and a kick-ass life!


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A must read, I bought this for my teenagers but read it first myself… in one day! Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to pass it on!! Turia you’re truly amazing!

Anna Murphy

Good Selfie is amazing. I read this book knowing that Turia is full of wisdom and great advice. I’m sharing this book with both my 11 and 10 year old children as Turia is the kind of positive role model I want them looking up to. Her resilience, can do attitude and love of life shows through everything that she does and I want my children to have those same qualities. This is a book we can read together, talk about and take action on as a family and another way to bring us all together. Definitely recommend this to everyone.

Tarnya Cook

Reading Good Selfie made me realise that everyone goes through hard times and everyone has bad days – not just me. I really liked all Turia’s hacks and tricks to feel more confident too – they actually work.

14 years old

My favourite activities were re-framing and negative words and the good words. The book was amazing and really helped me kick some goals out the window. 

9 years old

It was so inspirational and it really helped me boost by confidence. It has inspired me to never give up and smash goals. By the way my (faveo) favourite activites were the re-framing activities and the gratitude activities. Thanks so much for giving us this book and I will recommend it to all my friends! 

11 years old

Good Selfie has been a fantastic resource to use in our high school setting for myself and fellow colleagues... The language, questions and tone of the book is fantastic for students as it is written at THEIR level and has been a highly engaging read for students I have used this with.

Luke Vandenbergh

Turia speaks to kids in their language. My 9 year old absolutely loved this book. I really really recommend buying it – so much wisdom, inspiration and a big wallop of humour too. Thanks for sharing your story with us Turia- and the kids of the future.

Tammy Tansley

If you’ve got a teenager in your family or know of someone who does- you need to get them onto ‘Good Selfie’ an eBook with tips and tools for teens to nail life. I’ve read it myself and it’s bloody brilliant.

Bel Fong

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