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book | Sep 2020
ANZ → Penguin Random House

Turia Pitt is a brilliantly talented motivator. Not only has she survived the unimaginable, but she has founded her own business, School of Champions, which has galvanised tens of thousands of people to kick big goals and change their mindsets, and their lives.

Now this most resilient, tenacious woman has turned her attention to our drive to chase the elusive idea of happiness. Can we achieve contentment when our lives seem too busy, too complicated; when it’s easy to fall into negativity and defeat?

Yes, we can!

As Turia says, ‘There’s no endpoint in the quest for happiness. It’s a continuum, with ample space for improvement along the way.’ And in this book, with her characteristic humour and gutsy intelligence, she has pinpointed the most important considerations for leading a fulfilled life; a life that will feel consistently … happier! From practising gratitude to planning calm mornings that set up your day, to working on intimacy, trust, kindness and your sense of purpose – as well as kicking big and small goals – in this book Turia will draw together all her super-tips and give you the boost you need to change up your life one happy notch at a time.


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Turia is living proof that with a strong purpose and vision for your life, you can overcome any challenge and any circumstance.

Tony Robbins

Turia’s tenacity, resilience and drive to beat and conquer everything left a buzz across the room that was indescribable.

Susan Bower

Heartwarming, thought-provoking and entertaining, Turia captured the hearts and minds of all.

Sara Jenkins
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