Author, baker & teacher

Vanessa Kimbell’s expertise in bread and the gut microbiome is second to none. Day-to-day Vanessa runs The Sourdough School in Northamptonshire, where she teaches sourdough and how to bake bread for optimal health to students from around the world. A regular contributor to BBC Radio 4 in the UK, she is a fourth-generation baker of Italian descent, a qualified baker and completed an apprenticeship in South West France. Vanessa also runs The Sourdough Club, an online course & community for aspiring sourdough bakers.

Vanessa is author of the bestselling The Sourdough School book, and its sister title The Sourdough School – Sweet Baking. Her book Food for Thought won the most Ethical and Sustainable Book at The World Cookbook Awards in 2016.

When she’s not baking, writing or teaching, Vanessa is studying for her PhD in nutrition and digestibility of bread and mental health. She is passionate about understanding the connection between our food, the gut microbiome and the potential impact on mental health. Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College London says of Vanessa, “her work on sourdough and the gut microbiome is changing the way we think of food, health and baking.”