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Journalist and non-fiction writer
Victoria Coren is an author, journalist and poker player. She is the daughter of the late humourist Alan Coren, sister of journalist Giles Coren, and a graduate of the University of Oxford. She writes weekly columns for The Observer and The Guardian and regular articles for other publications.

Her books include Love 16 (Ebury, 1989) and Once More with Feeling (HarperCollins, 2002). Victoria also adapted C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too... by John Diamond into a play called A Lump In My Throat.

Victoria was the presenter of the BBC's Balderdash and Piffle, as well as BBC Radio 4's Off the Page.  She also commentates on the Sky Sports poker programme William Hill Poker Grand Prix 2.

Her latest book, For Richer, For Poorer (Cannongate 2008), is about her life as a single girl winning large amounts of money at poker and having fun while doing it.
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