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book | Fiction | 2020
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This sparkling debut has won Australia's prestigious 2019 Victorian Premiere Award for unpublished manuscript.

When Mina receives an urgent call from her best friend Kira back home in Melbourne her world is overturned. It appears Mina’s agrophobic mother, Elaine, has been spotted leaving her house for the first time in twelve years. Just like that. Dropping everything to fly home, Mina finds that Elaine cannot, will not, talk about her sudden return to the world, nor why she’s spent so much time hiding from it. Their fractured reunion leaves Mina raking through pieces of their painful past in a bid to uncover the truth behind her mother’s silence – a truth that has surprises in store for both mother and daughter alike.

is an unflinchingly honest and ambitious look at a young woman’s life caught between friends, family, lovers and ambition and brilliantly encapsulates that moment when you look at your parent or child and for the first time see them apart from you, as a person you never would have expected. With her own distinct and disarming style, Victoria is a crystal clear voice in this new and exciting generation of writers.


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Victoria Hannan’s Kokomo is one of the most highly anticipated debuts of the year, after having won the 2019 Victorian premier’s literary award for an unpublished manuscript. It does not disappoint.....In the substance and quality of her debut, Hannan demonstrates that she has much more to offer too. With Kokomo as a starting point, one can only imagine what heights she will soar to next.

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