Wendy Perriam has been writing since the age of five, completing her first ‘novel’, A Pony At Last, at eleven.

Expelled from Catholic boarding school for heresy, she escaped to Oxford, where she read History and also trod the boards. Before embarking on a career in advertising, she took a variety of offbeat jobs, including artist’s model, cocktail waitress, carnation-dis-budder, carer for the elderly and researcher on medieval cookery, all of which provided entrées into unknown worlds that find echoes in her work. 

Her 17 novels have been acclaimed for their psychological insight and their power to disturb, divert and intrigue, while her 8 short-story collections explore themes of loss, rebellion and escape. Her poetry has featured in many literary anthologies; she has also written extensively for newspapers and magazines, and was a regular contributor to radio programmes such as Stop the Week and Fourth Column. 

She now divides her time between writing and teaching. 

Wendy feels that her many conflicting life experiences – strict convent-school discipline and swinging-sixties wildness, marriage and divorce, infertility and motherhood, 9-to-5 conformity and periodic Bedlam – have helped shape her as a writer. “Writing allows for shadow-selves. I’m both the staid conformist matron and the slag; the well-organised author toiling at her desk and the madwoman shrieking in a straitjacket.”