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The Destiny of Nathalie X

book | 4 | 1998
UK & Comm → Penguin
US → Knopf

Eleven stories about love and desire, ambition and despair, that take us back and forth through time from a contemporary Hollywood film shoot to World War I Vienna. In "Cork, " a bizarre tale of love in Lisbon, an Englishwoman and a Portuguese poet meet once a year through the 1930s and fulfill each other's fantastical desires; in "Alpes-Maritimes, " a young Englishman must decide between the German woman he's seeing and her twin sister, to whom he is more strongly attracted; and in the title story, "The Destiny of Nathalie X, " a young, award-winning foreign director, in Los Angeles making a low-budget picture, gradually discovers that he, the cast, the crew and the entire troubled production are heading for unavoidable disaster.


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Whatever the refracting device, Mr. Boyd's ability to zero in on ordinary human foibles and woes -- daydream delusions, cultural dislocations, emotional smash-ups -- is swift and sure... his eccentric wit and restless intelligence exert a powerful appeal Michael Upchurch
The New York Times Book Review
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Confirms him as one of our foremost short story writers
Daily Telegraph

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