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The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth and Other Stories

book | Fiction | Nov 2017
UK & Comm → Viking (Ed. Mary Mount)

A philandering art dealer tries to give up casual love affairs - seeking only passionate kisses as a substitute. A man recounts his personal history through the things he has stolen from others throughout his life. A couple chart the journey of their five year relationship backwards, from awkward reunion to lovelorn first encounter. And, at the heart of the book, a 24-year old young woman, Bethany Mellmoth, embarks on a year-long journey of wishful and tentative self-discovery.

The Dreams of Bethany Mellmoth depicts the random encounters that bring the past bubbling to the surface; the impulsive decisions that irrevocably shape a life; and the endless hesitations and loss of nerve that wickedly complicate it. These funny, surprising and moving stories are a resounding confirmation of Boyd's powers as one of our most original and compelling storytellers.


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Boyd shows why he's so often compared to Graham Greene.... brilliant and bewitching collection of stories

Financial Times

Like stealing badges, like shucking oysters, once you have one of these stories you can't stop. Lights out was after midnight

The Times

Clever and, yes, cinematic


The stories, as is often the case with Boyd, are packed with characters whose lives are upended by random upheavals

The Sunday Times

Unfailingly amusing and clever

The Guardian

Highly entertaining

Mail on Sunday

Boyd is dependably a master of what's most true: an always elegant realist whose characters will get under your skin


No one charts the highs and lows of the human condition like Boyd


A riveting short story collection from one of the best

Woman & Home

Varied, entertaining

Daily Mail

Enjoyably spot-on

Sunday Times

Spiky, sparking and simply brilliant

Sunday Mirror

William Boyd is arguably one of Britain's finest living writers...compelling and highly entertaining

Sunday Express

[Boyd] is a skilled and humorous storyteller, and his pleasure in exploring life's uncertainties is apparent


Boyd delights in themes of deceit and getting one over on the competition...such finely-honed prose

Evening Standard

Quite brilliant. There has been no decline in the wit, the style, the precise observation

The Tablet

These stories, by one of Britain's most compelling authors about how the post is inescapable - from random encounters to impulsive acts - is funny and surprising


Boyd has always been eloquent, his narratives memorably stylish

Literary Review

In a 2008 essay, Boyd explained that writing short stories gives him a welcome chance "to change habits, to experiment, to take risks, to try out different voices". And in the best stories here, it's a chance he takes full advantage of, serving up an impressive variety of settings and protagonists

Daily Telegraph

What Boyd does so mesmerisingly...is make the insignificant utterly significant...you are confronted by the full force of Boyd's undeniable talent for storytelling, as he inventively plays with time and form, and infuses his prose with themes of lust, love and emotional incompetence


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