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When Grandpa Jonah Was Just A Kid #1

book | Fiction | 2017
Israel → Zmora Bitan/Kinneret Publishing House

Yannets Levi's new best-selling book series
Illustrations: Avi Blyer

Jonah has nothing: no TV, no toys and games, no bed, not even a blanket. But if you think he's miserable, think again! A kid as smart and as mischievous as Jonah has plenty of adventures and makes many discoveries. 

When his mother loses her job, Jonah must find a way to save his family from starvation. To succeed in doing that, he has two special powers - ingenuity and a rich imagination with which he can achieve anything. 


Roxane Edouard manages the translation rights for When Grandpa Jonah Was Just A Kid #1

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