Yvette Fielding

Ghost Hunting With...

Director Dan Gooding Starring
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Nadine Coyle
  • Scott Mills
    Production Company Antix Productions
    Broadcaster ITV 2
    Yvette Fielding and the team took wary groups of celebrities such as Girls Aloud, the cast of Coronation Street and the Radio 1 team on a terrifying ghosthunt to encounter life beyond the grave.

    Personalities such as Scott Mills and Cheryl Cole were taken to some to some of the country’s deepest, darkest and most haunted places to contact the dead through séances. Once groups were suitably scared, they were left alone with just a night vision camera for company, and challenged to explore the terrifying locations and confront their fears.
    Ghost Hunting With...
    Ghost Hunting With...

    It felt like someone brushing my arm, like a stroke almost. It happened really quickly. It was unexpected and I was really scared. Cheryl Cole