Yvette Fielding

Most Haunted

Producer Ross Heywood Director Karl Beattie Starring
  • Derek Acorah
  • Richard Felix
    Production Company Antix Productions
    Broadcaster Living TV

    The hit series Most Haunted was created and presented by Yvette Fielding, investigated purported paranormal activity. No two episodes were ever the same as Yvette and her team explored each case; travelling around Britain, Ireland and across Europe to discover and record supernatural activity.

    The Most Haunted team included both paranormal and scientific experts in an attempt to deliver a balanced explanation for the ghostly activity it encountered. As each show investigated a new disturbing presence or eerie location, viewers were constantly tantalised with what might be captured on the latest hunt.
    Most Haunted
    Most Haunted

    It’s going to be a real rollercoaster, the poor audience won’t know what’s going to hit them. Yvette Fielding