Zizi Strallen

Zizi is currently in Strictly Ballroom at the Piccadilly Theatre.

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Another shining light on the Curve stage is Zizi Strallen as Penny. It gives her an opportunity to showcase her comedic skills and timing which isn't usually on display and it is an area she excels in. Known to be a beautiful dancer, it must be incredibly hard to act like you have two left feet but she does so convincingly.

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on Hairspray

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Strallen has appeared in various shows over the years, always showcasing immense versatility. Mary is her biggest role to date, and she gives a career defining performance. 

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on Mary Poppins

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Zizi won Outstanding Female Performance (Modern) in the 2015 National Dance Awards for her portrayal of Lana in Matthew Bourne's production of The Car Man. 

Zizi has been nominated for the 2016 Times Sky Arts South Bank Breakthrough award for dance.