Theatre, Film and TV  |  Nov 27, 2019

Fitter premieres at Soho Theatre

Ell Potter and Mary Higgins return to Soho with their new show Fitter from 3rd December to 4th Jan 2020

A few years ago Ell & Mary went to the Fringe with their critically acclaimed show Hotter. They interviewed women and trans people ranging from 11 years old to 97 about "What makes them hot?". This time they’ve interviewed trans-men, cis-men, and masculine presenting people aged 8 to 82 about what makes them hard. The result is a verbatim dance party made out of their answers.

Created and performed by duo Ell Potter & Mary Higgins and directed by Jessica Edwards (Sparks, Denim).  

Here's what the critics had to say about Hotter:

"To have a whole audience crying and dancing in the space of five minutes with nothing more than a soundtrack and a beautifully crafted story is what the fringe is all about"
Ed Fest Magazine ★★★★★

“A scorchingly enjoyable comedy knockabout”
Evening Standard ★★★★

“Cuts to the heart of the female experience”
The Stage ★★★★

“The thread that brings it all together – the ecstatic and erotic with the heart-felt and heart-breaking – is the sense that a community has been called upon to create it.” The Spy in the stalls ★★★★★

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