Presenters  |  Nov 8, 2019

Gareth Malone releases new album 'Music For Healing'

Gareth Malone champions the restorative and healing power of music with his brand new album Music For Healing.

Released on 8th November, Music For Healing features solo piano, choir and strings, with each piece named after a different month of the year and reflecting the role that natural rhythms play in the stages of healing.

Gareth explained: ‘After many years conducting choirs under extraordinary circumstances, for example the Military Wives choir, I felt that I had neglected my first love: writing music. Music for Healing is a personal journey through the year and is inspired by my own feelings about each month: birthdays of loved ones, marriages, funerals – all are in this music. This music helped me to heal.’

Music For Healing is available to buy here. ​