Theatre, Film and TV  |  Jan 4, 2021

George Kay's new series LUPIN arrives on Netflix

Brand new crime drama Lupin, created and written by George Kay, is released on Netflix on Friday 8th January.

Omar Sy stars as Assane Diop, a Senegalese immigrant living in Paris whose life was turned upside down when his father died after being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Twenty five years later, Assane sets out to avenge his father, finding inspiration for his heists in the mysteries of the fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise; Arsène Lupin.

Praise for the series:

‘A propulsive and cleverly made piece of work’ - Variety

‘The series also doesn't waste a single minute, packing each and every moment full of suspense. Put all of that together, and it's an early front-runner to steal a spot as one of the best shows of the year.’ - Slate

‘A captivating series… as [it] progresses, Lupin reveals to be much more than a story about cleverly thought-through heists conducted by a charismatic thief with powers of seduction.’ - Forbes

‘Stylish and sleek…the story that unfurls reveals itself to be more than just a caper, but an amiable lone-wolf revenge thriller that’s as nimble and light on its feet as its central character’ - Chicago Tribune

‘One of the great strengths of Netflix’s Lupin is how it entices the viewer down one path, to then strip it away and surprise with an entirely new outlook.’ - Ready Steady Cut

‘Lupin is an addictive, clever puzzle that combines elements from Luther, Sherlock Holmes, and Inside Man for an engrossing experience.’ - Robert Daniels from