Comedy  |  Jul 2, 2019

Donna Preston stars in new ITV2 quiz show Hey Tracey!

Hey Tracey! is a quiz show where celebrities play to win cash for members of the public... with some unpredictable consequences.

In real life if you don't know the answer to a question you can ask Siri or Alexa. In this show, unfortunately you're stuck with Tracey (played by Donna Preston)

If our celebrities don't know the answer to host Joel Dommett's unusual questions, they can say "Hey Tracey!" and enlist the help of his very own virtual assistant. But forget your high-end Silicon Valley artificial intelligence - Tracey was thrown together by some sixth formers in the late 90's as part of their technology coursework... and she can usually be found tucking into a pie or painting her nails.

Each time our celebs summon her help, Tracey can connect them with someone in the real world that might be able to help. Less phone-a-friend, more like comedy cold calling. And that means everyone from dog groomers to massage parlours, piano tuners to equine dentists, roadside burger vans to reptile houses.

So, if our celebrities want to win big, they'd better make sure they say... "Hey Tracey!"

Hey Tracey is on every Monday at 10pm on ITV2.