Presenters  |  Aug 20, 2012

Introducing Kerr Drummond in Kitchen SOS

New Curtis Brown client, kitchen and interior designer Kerr Drummond, joins Nadia Sawalha to present UKTV Home’s new series Kitchen SOS, which begins on Monday the 27th of August at 8pm.

In this 20 part series, Kerr and Nadia are on a mission to turn the nation's drab kitchens into dream living and eating spaces. Aided by CCTV-style fixed cameras which record the ways each featured family uses their kitchen, Kerr and Nadia will use the footage acquired, along with their respective culinary and design know-how, to help provide stylish, effective and ergonomic solutions for cabinets, worktops and lay-outs.

Kitchen SOS will air on weeknights on UKTV Home at 8pm from the 27th of August.