Books  |  Jun 30, 2022

ITV adaptation of Kate London's The Tower is commissioned for a second season

Kate London’s second novel will be adapted for screen by Homeland’s Patrick Harbinson in the second series of ITV’s The Tower.

Tower II: Death Message will return to season one’s base in Farlow police station. The series will follow PC Lizzie Adama’s (Tahira Sharif) and DS Sarah Collins’ (Gemma Whelan) antagonistic relationship as the two female protagonists are forced to work together for the first time.

Mammoth Screen and Windhover Films will produce the four-part drama in association with ITV Studios. Executive producer and writer Patrick Harbinson comments:

“Kate’s second novel is even better than her first. It has all her trademark authenticity, complex characters, and a gripping and incredibly topical
narrative. The series will keep the audience on the edge of their seats till
the very end.”