Books  |  Jul 18, 2022

Katy Hessel launches new Guardian column: The Great Women’s Art Bulletin

Katy Hessel, the art historian and broadcaster behind The Great Women Artists podcast and Instagram account, has launched a new fortnightly column for The Guardian examining female-made artwork in dialogue with the contemporary news agenda. The first piece, published on Monday 18th July, explores Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield: A Confrontation in light of the heatwave currently gripping the UK, reflecting on how art can function as a form of protest against the capitalist appropriation of land.

On launching the column, Katy said:

“I am so excited to be starting The Great Women’s Art Bulletin. This new fortnightly column will explore key issues of our time through the lens of pioneering work by women artists. I can’t wait to delve into some of the most important news stories through the prism of these artworks while also celebrating the life and work of these often overlooked figures.”

Katy's forthcoming book, The Story Of Art Without Men, is a revisionist history of art that foregrounds female creators in a landscape historically dominated by the patriarchy.