Comedy  |  Jul 28, 2022

Kim Noble: Lullaby for Scavengers heads to Soho Theatre

Kim Noble brings his new show, Lullaby for Scavengers, to Soho Theatre with performances from Thursday 15th - Saturday 24th September. 

How do you fit into a world that doesn’t necessarily want you? A fox and his ex lover – an angry dead squirrel – are his accomplices in search of survival strategies, friendship and knowledge of what we should pass on to the next generation Noble descends deep into the sewer and abyss of human loneliness of longing and answers the question of how to deal with rodents in your attic.

Following the provocative hit shows Kim Noble Will Die and You’re Not Alone comes Part 3 of his theatrical trilogy on loneliness and connection.

Tickets are available to purchase from the Soho Theatre website: