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Aug 6, 2009

Channel 4's Revelations series continued with Richard Alwyn's film Talking to the Dead on Sunday 9th August at 7pm.

Richard Alwyn's authored film gains unprecedented access to a Spiritualist Church in East London and talks to members of the congregation about their fervently-held belief in life after death.

'Belief is nearly as easy a target for mockery as ignorance, but Richard Alwyn manages that rarity: a genuinely balanced doc on a subject that unbalances most people one way or another.' **** Time Out

'The penultimate film in this superb series about 21st century faith gets intimate access to a spiritualist church in East London.... Is there more to this much-mocked religion than comfort for the grieving? And if not, what's wrong with that?' The Sunday Telegraph

'Alwyn is reassuringly non-judgmental... Its interesting to see how Alwyn deals with the unexplainable.' The Guardian

'(An) excellent film...Alwyn lends a sympathetic ear to intriguing stories... The film-maker leaves with a job well done and food for thought - and thanks to a healer, without his hitherto persistent back pain.' The Sunday Times

'...Sober examinations of spiritualism are conspicuous by their absence, rendering this documentary essential viewing... While the orthodox practices of this creed might offer a less scrupulous film-maker endless scope for mischief, Alwyn's approach eschews ridicule or condescension. However much one might doubt their claims, thanks to Alwyn's sensitive probing there's no doubting their sincerity.' Scotland on Sunday