Theatre, Film and TV  |  Oct 1, 2014

Peter Harness and Paul Wilmshurst team up on Doctor Who

Series 8 of Doctor Who continues with Episode 7: Kill The Moon directed by Paul Wilmshurst and written by Peter Harness

Set in the year 2049, The Doctor and Clara find themselves on a space shuttle heading for the moon. They meet Captain Lundvik (Hermoine Norris) who has been summoned to rectify the strange occurrences wreaking havoc on Earth's atmosphere. Little do they know that vicious spider-like creatures are waiting for them in the shadows of the moon when they arrive. 

This episode marks the Doctor Who debut for writer Peter Harness and director Paul Wilmshurst who has also directed next week's episode. Den of Geek describes Kill The Moon as "A brilliantly unnerving episode featuring stand-out performances". 

Doctor Who: Kill The Moon broadcasts on BBC1 at 8.30pm on Saturday 4th October.